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Irish Sea Regions Platform

November 13, 2010

The Dublin Regional Authority is the lead agency for the Irish Sea Regions project with  Belfast, Merseyside the Isle of Man, UCC and the North West Development Agency in the UK are all fully committed to developing a strong Irish Sea regional grouping.

The vision behind the idea is that all of the city-regions of the Irish sea will work together to address the challenges facing the Irish Sea – protecting its marine ecology and building tourism, fishing, and tidal and wind energy.

There is significant potential here, and in particular its important that any future Dublin Bay plan fits into, and compliments the work of the Irish Sea Regions Platform.  EU Regional funding will be sought for the project and I imagine there will be a full day’s work shop if the application is successful to make sure all the agencies and NGOs are fully involved.


The Irish Sea Region propose –

v      To establish a Platform as a vehicle for increased cooperation across and within the ISR, bringing together politicians and representatives of national, regional, city and local governments, statutory organisations, universities, marine, environmental, fishing, energy and transport sectors, private sector, NGOs, etc.

v      To promote the ISR as a ‘Functional Area of Co-operation’ within the European macro regions context, and as a brand for economic growth, enhanced competitiveness and environmental sustainability.

v      Promote the concept of environmental sustainability, competitiveness and management of natural resources among communities around the Irish Sea.



Dublin Bay Task Force report to Minister

September 18, 2009

Minister John Gormley TD and Bronwen Maher at launch of Dublin Bay Task Force July 2008The Minister for Environment, Heritage and Local Government, John Gormley TD, formally launched the Dublin Bay Task Force in Dún Laoghaire in July 2008. 

He asked the Dublin Regional Authority to establish the Task Force in May of that year, and I was privileged to be elected the first Chair by my fellow members of the Dublin Regional Authority. 

My term of office ran from 2008 to 2009, and at my ultimate meeting we finalised a comprehensive report for the Minister, making recommendations on a management structure for the Bay. 

We proposed a streamlined and cost effective way to put in place a plan for the future protection of the Bay that involved best practice recommended by the EU and UN for Coastal Zone Management. 

The Dublin Regional Authority at its meeting in September 2009, endorsed the recommendations.  We now await a response and directions from the Minister.

Read the report here……..