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Irish Sea Regions Platform

November 13, 2010

The Dublin Regional Authority is the lead agency for the Irish Sea Regions project with  Belfast, Merseyside the Isle of Man, UCC and the North West Development Agency in the UK are all fully committed to developing a strong Irish Sea regional grouping.

The vision behind the idea is that all of the city-regions of the Irish sea will work together to address the challenges facing the Irish Sea – protecting its marine ecology and building tourism, fishing, and tidal and wind energy.

There is significant potential here, and in particular its important that any future Dublin Bay plan fits into, and compliments the work of the Irish Sea Regions Platform.  EU Regional funding will be sought for the project and I imagine there will be a full day’s work shop if the application is successful to make sure all the agencies and NGOs are fully involved.


The Irish Sea Region propose –

v      To establish a Platform as a vehicle for increased cooperation across and within the ISR, bringing together politicians and representatives of national, regional, city and local governments, statutory organisations, universities, marine, environmental, fishing, energy and transport sectors, private sector, NGOs, etc.

v      To promote the ISR as a ‘Functional Area of Co-operation’ within the European macro regions context, and as a brand for economic growth, enhanced competitiveness and environmental sustainability.

v      Promote the concept of environmental sustainability, competitiveness and management of natural resources among communities around the Irish Sea.



Gormley now stalls and kicks to touch on Dublin Bay

March 4, 2010

Despite launching the Dublin Bay Task Force in a blaze of publicity in June 2008 John Gormley has failed to respond to the many recommendations and subsequent requests for action submitted more than fourteen months ago.

Labour Party representatives Cllr Aodhán Ó Ríordáin and Bronwen Maher have strongly criticized Environment Minister John Gormley for his lack of action on Dublin Bay.

Cllr O Ríordáin stated that “The Dublin Bay Task Force was set up by the Minister in June 2008 in a fanfare of publicity but without any requisite funding or staff from his department. Despite this drawback the main body of work on Dublin Bay was submitted to the Minister’s office within six months by the then chair of the task force, Bronwen Maher. Although the Minister is taking credit for establishing the Dublin Bay Task Force he has failed to respond to numerous requests for direction from the task force members. Right now the task force does not know if its work is completed, if it is to disband or if the Minister is accepting its findings. We still have no idea how the Bay should be managed and protected for future Dubliners, despite the recommendations.” (more…)

Proposal to include Dublin Bay’s coastal zone as part of the Regional Planning Guidlines for the Greater Dublin Area

March 3, 2010

Parliamentary Questions on Dublin Bay and Foreshore tabled by Joanna Tuffy TD, Labour Party Spokesperson on Environment and Heritage:

Question: To ask the Minister for the Environment, Heritage and Local Government his views to the report and recommendations submitted to his Department by the Dublin Bay Task Force and Dublin Regional Authority in 2009; when he will respond to the Dublin Bay Task Force and the Dublin Regional Authority; his plans to instruct the Dublin Regional Authority to develop a master plan for Dublin bay; and if he will make a statement on the matter.

For WRITTEN answer on Tuesday, 2nd March, 2010. (more…)

Oral Hearing finishes it work.

December 14, 2009

The Oral Hearing finished Wednesday 9 December. In about 4 months An Bord Pleanála will publish their ruling on the Port Company’s application to infill part of the Bay.

Campaign group Dublin Bay Watch have been in touch with their supporters and intend to distribute a leaflet to homes in the new year.  The leaflet will give further details of the Oral Hearing and the many individuals and businesses that assisted Dublin Bay Watch over the years.

Now all we can do is wait.  On a final note, great work by all the residents, Dublin Bay Watch team, Clontarf Residents’ Association representatives, and all the NGOs, and An Taisce who put in time and effort to save this valuable and wonderful resource for future generations.

Dublin Port Economic Study Doesn’t Justify Dublin Bay Reclamation, claim Labour Party

October 29, 2009

Speaking at a public information meeting hosted by the Labour Party – “Dublin Bay: What Next” in the Clontarf Castle Hotel on Wednesday 28 October, Labour Party representatives, Cllr. Aodháin Ó Ríordáin and Bronwen Maher said the Labour Party is steadfastly opposed to the unnecessary reclamation of 21 hectares at the top of the Tolka Estuary (more…)

Dublin Bay: What Next? – Invitation to public meeting

October 21, 2009

Clontarf CastleDublin Bay: What Next?

Wednesday 28 October 2009

Clontarf Castle


Admission Free – All Welcome



Cllr. Dermot Lacey – Chair Dublin Bay Task Force

Bronwen Maher – Labour Party, Dublin North Central 

Chair Cllr. Aodhán Ó Ríordáin, Clontarf Ward

 The meeting has been organised by the Labour Party to provide up to date information for local residents on the adjourned Oral Hearing; and on the work of the Dublin Bay Task Force.  Cllr. Dermot Lacey, has been recently appointed chair of the Dublin Bay Task Force, and locals will have the opportunity to meet him and give him their views on the Bay.  I will give a report on the Oral Hearing before it was adjourned, and discuss what needs to be done to project the Bay.

Dublin Bay Task Force report to Minister

September 18, 2009

Minister John Gormley TD and Bronwen Maher at launch of Dublin Bay Task Force July 2008The Minister for Environment, Heritage and Local Government, John Gormley TD, formally launched the Dublin Bay Task Force in Dún Laoghaire in July 2008. 

He asked the Dublin Regional Authority to establish the Task Force in May of that year, and I was privileged to be elected the first Chair by my fellow members of the Dublin Regional Authority. 

My term of office ran from 2008 to 2009, and at my ultimate meeting we finalised a comprehensive report for the Minister, making recommendations on a management structure for the Bay. 

We proposed a streamlined and cost effective way to put in place a plan for the future protection of the Bay that involved best practice recommended by the EU and UN for Coastal Zone Management. 

The Dublin Regional Authority at its meeting in September 2009, endorsed the recommendations.  We now await a response and directions from the Minister.

Read the report here……..

Oral Hearing kicks off with strong challenge by both An Taisce and Legal Council for residents

September 9, 2009

The Oral Hearing kicked off with statements by both An Taisce and Legal Council for Dublin Bay Watch and the Clontarf Residents Association.

An Taisce LogoIan Lumney BL, An Taisce, challenged the adequacy of the Environmental Impact Statement and failure to address the issue of climate change and CO2 levels. 

portaerialDonal O Laoire BL,  representing the residents and Dublin Bay Watch, stated that economic arguments could not be used as a reason for allowing the expansion to go ahead as application will be considered under the Birds Directive and not the Habitats Directive. 

To date we have heard submissions from Dublin Port (lasting 3 and a half days), Dublin City Council, National Parks and Wildlife Service, Bird Watch Ireland, Dublin Transportation Office, Irish Seal Sanctuary, and Concerned Blackheath Park Residents.

I have been able to attend two full days so far, and read my summary of these presentations here.

DBW-Sept-08-Page-1thbThe Oral Hearing next sits on Thursday 10th, starting with statements from Dublin Bay Watch and Clontarf Residents Association. I understand that this will be a joint presentation and will take at least three hours.

Following on we will hear submissions from local TDs, Senators and Councillors and political parties. On Friday we will also hear evidence from shipping experts representing Bremore Ireland Port Limited.

Monday 14 September– the cross questions of all parties will commence, with the final module being the presentations from individuals and households and cross-questioning.

The Inspector intends for the hearing to take two weeks from 3 September, and depending on the number of individuals and residents wishing to speak, I believe we could reach this target, and even finish by Tuesday 15.

Oral Hearing on Dublin Port Company application to infill and develop 95 acres of the North Inner Bay

September 2, 2009

The An Bord Pleanála oral hearing kicks off tomorrow, at 11am in The Gresham Hotel, O’Connell Street, Dublin 1.

If you have an interest in protecting Dublin Bay please come along, the hearing is open to the public and should last between two to three weeks.

The Port Company will give evidence first, followed by other statutory bodies, then NGO, such as Dubin Bay Watch and Bird Watch Ireland, then the residents associations, public representative and finally individuals.

I will post regular updates on the proceeding on my blog.

Green Ministers must oppose ‘ominous’ Dept. of Transport report supporting expansion of Dublin Port

August 8, 2009

View of Dublin Port from ClontarfPress Statement
The Dept. of Transport commissioned Indecon Report on the future of Dublin Port, published yesterday, must be opposed by the two Green Party Ministers – claims former Clontarf councillor and Chair of Dublin Bay Task Force, Bronwen Maher.

Maher says “This is an extremely ominous report for local residents and environmentalists as it recommends the expansion of Dublin Port as a best-case economic scenario.”

“The two Green Party Ministers must make a case at the cabinet table against any further infill of Dublin Bay, as this goes entirely against Green Party policy. If the Greens sit back and allow Dublin Port to expand it will be yet another betrayal of their voters,” stated Maher.

“However looking at the economic argument is only part of the challenge. What is strange about Minister Noel Dempsey’s press statement on the port study, is that the Minister makes no mention of that fact that the port is located in an important EU recognised wild bird habitat, and any breach of this legislation will result in heavy fines for the State.”

“Sustainable development, as promoted by the Green Party Ministers, should also take into account social, and environmental considerations. The Green Ministers must put pressure on Government to oppose any further infill of Dublin Bay.”

Furthermore, last year, the Minister for the Environment has established a Dublin Bay Task Force to draw up a Plan for the sustainable development of Dublin Bay – and again any discussion around expanding Dublin Port must be placed in the context of a proper plan for the Bay which looks at not only the economic, but also the social and environmental future of the Bay.

Information – Bronwen Maher 087-784 1937
Note to Editor – Bronwen Maher was a member of Dublin City Council from 2004-2009. A former Green Party representative, and Chair of the Dublin Bay Task Force, Maher was also involved in the drawing up of Dublin City Council’s Dublin Bay Plan.

She continues to campaign against the infilling of Dublin Bay and will make a presentation at the An Bord Pleanála oral hearing to be held later this month.