“Welcome to my Dublin Bay blog, started in July 2009 to post information on Dublin Bay, including the campaign against Dublin Port’s proposal to expand and infill the bay.

Since 1999 local residents in Clontarf have campaigned vigorously against Dublin Port’s latest attempt to further infill of Dublin Bay, and along with the Clontarf Residents Association and Dublin Bay Watch have called for the establishment of a Dublin Bay Authority to protect the bay and ensure its sustainable development.

In 2008 the Dublin Bay Task Force was set up by the Minister for Environment, Heritage and Local Government, who asked the Dublin Regional Authority to establish the Task Force and make recommendations for coastal zone management and the sustainable management of Dublin Bay.  In June I was appointed Chair by my fellow Councillors on the Dublin Regional Authority, and we submitted our recommendations to the Minister in Dec 2008, and in Sept 2010.”

Bronwen Maher


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