Flood defences, but at what cost?

A joint communication from Clontarf Residents’ Association (CRA) & Clontarf Business Association (CBA)

The following text has been copied from the Clontarf Residents’ Association website, and is described as one of the most important notices they have had to issue to locals.  Regarding the new flood defences, residents and business are concerned over the hight of the new structure:

“The proposed Combined Flood Defence and New Water Main Project by Dublin City Council is due, we understand, to start on the seafront early in 2012. The planning process was completed in 2008.  It has been designed to prevent potential further damage to homes and businesses along the seafront from flooding and to carry a new water main.  It is to take the form of a continuous landscaped mound (or a solid wall where a mound is not practical) ranging in height from 1.5 m (5ft.) to over 2.57 m (over 8ft.) from Alfie Byrne Road to the Wooden Bridge. The existing wall will act as a primary defence with the new proposed mound/wallacting as a secondary defence.  It has been designed to provide an adequate flood defence for a once in 100 year flood event and to also carry a new water main”.  Read more here ‘Flood defences, but at what cost?.


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