Poolbeg Chimneys

The iconic Poolbeg chimneys are due to be pulled down unless some idea can be salvaged to ensure their future. Apparently they will be too costly for the ESB to maintain.

The following text is taken from the Facebook page, ‘Save Dublin’s Candy Stripped Chimneys’ and written on the 16 August 2009: “The ESB will consider demolishing the iconic twin chimney stacks at the Poolbeg power generating plant in Dublin Bay when it closes next year.

The red-and-white twin stacks, which dominate the Dublin skyline, will become obsolete when the Pigeon House plant is decommissioned next year.

Sources said that the company management favour the demolition of the chimneys, although it is conscious that there is likely to be a strong lobby to retain the stacks. Officially, the company said that no decision had yet been made about the future of the structures.

Dublin City planners have already rejected a proposal to put a preservation order on the chimneys, declaring that they were not of ‘‘sufficient architectural, social or historical value’’. A preservation order would have prevented any demolition plans.

The candy-striped chimneys, which are 207 metres (680 feet) high, have been an integral feature of the Dublin skyline since they were built more than 30 years ago. However, the oil and gas generating plant which they serve is due to be decommissioned next year, and the ESB is expected to seek to realise the value of the site. This process is likely to include plans for the demolition of the chimneys.

Three weeks ago, the ESB demolished two 300 feet tall stacks at another decommissioned plant, in Shannonbridge, Co Offaly. A decade ago, the company demolished another two stacks – about half the height of the existing Pigeon House stacks – at the Ringsend plant.


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